1. Introduction to Canto Auto School Rules and Regulations concerning the driver's education program.
2. History of the Motor Car : Stages of the car and trends, new materials in manufacturing, radial tires, computer technology, safety features, the brake system, types of car engines etc
3. Basic Driving Skills: Driving in the center of the lane with good driving distance and speed control, no excessive braking, making squared off lefts and rounded off rights using the hand-over- hand method of steering with eye/hand coordination, and proper skills in lane selection.
4. Basic Driving Maneuvers: Skills used to control the vehicle, use of the driving mirrors, 12-15 second visual lead etc.
5. The Smith System: The Smith System is one of the most important driving concepts that we would be stressing on through out the program. Aim high in steering, get the big picture, keep eyes moving and scanning the environment, leave yourself and out, make sure others can see you and space cushion driving.
6. Visual Perceptual Skills: Establish a visual lead, night driving, railroad crossings, blind spots and using mirrors effectively.
7. Driver Qualifications- Physical : Importance of good vision, correctable physical defects, handicapped drivers, night driving and driver license restrictions.
8. Highway Systems and driving: Color codes, road side markings, exiting and entering the highway, passing, merging with traffic, and the use of maps.
9. Effects of Drug and Alcohol: Blood alcohol content, under 21 offenses, repeat offenses, penalties and legal implications.
10. Inclement weather driving skills: Use of lights, cruise control, front and back wheel drive, all wheel drive, black ice, threshold braking, hydroplaning, skid control, ice, rain, snow, fog and winter driving.
11. Driving emergencies: Brake failure, going off the road, blow outs, slick surfaces, headlight failure and emergency braking.
12. Vehicle purchase and Maintenance: Buying a used or new car, leasing a car, style, size, economy, insurance premium, safe colors, safe operational practices, preventive maintenance, tire inspection, alignment and balance etc and standard safety features.
13. Insurance Information: Premiums, what accidents and road violations do to your insurance rates, insurance coverage's in Massachusetts, what to do when involved in an accident.
14. Final Examination.


Professional Instructors

Our instructors are selected following a rigorous recruitment process which includes additional training to meet Safer Driving School's quality standards. Our instructors are very professional who will teach you with best way.

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Our aim is to help you learn to drive - to give you the information needed to pass your driving test as quickly, and as cheaply, as possible. Our online driving lessons are designed to work alongside professional tuition.

Behind the Wheel

Welcome to Canto Auto School behind the wheel instruction page. We have specialized our behind the wheel classes so they fit your needs the best, no matter what your skill level is. Our teen driving focuses on rules and laws that will be on the test.


Canto Auto School Inc has designed classes with the busy student in mind. We have a very flexible system of classes that allows students to take the classes in any order they wish and at their own pace.

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