About Canto Auto School Inc.

Since 1973, Canto Auto School has grown to become the leading provider of Drivers' education. The company is based in Lowell,Massachusetts.

The company was founded to serve the Portuguese and Brazilian community. Over time, the service has improved to include all people no matter the background.

We are committed to provide the best of Driver's education and to make our students demonstrate the best of driving skills while in our program and once they are licensed to drive. Remember, Driving is a privilege and not a right in Massachusetts.

Our Privacy Policy:-
In the course of training and assisting people to learn how to drive, Canto Auto School may use its website to collect certain information that is required by the RMV in the processing of your license. Such information is kept very confidential and given to the RMV in their occasional audit.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are selected following a rigorous recruitment process which includes additional training to meet Safer Driving School's quality standards. Our instructors are very professional who will teach you with best way.

Practical Test

Our aim is to help you learn to drive - to give you the information needed to pass your driving test as quickly, and as cheaply, as possible. Our online driving lessons are designed to work alongside professional tuition.

Behind the Wheel

Welcome to Canto Auto School behind the wheel instruction page. We have specialized our behind the wheel classes so they fit your needs the best, no matter what your skill level is. Our teen driving focuses on rules and laws that will be on the test.


Canto Auto School Inc has designed classes with the busy student in mind. We have a very flexible system of classes that allows students to take the classes in any order they wish and at their own pace.

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Canto Auto School Inc
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Tel: 978-957-2050
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Fax: 978-957-2050

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