important things to know about driving.
1. What you should know about natural forces
Law of Friction
Law of Kinetic Energy
Law of Centrifugal Force
Force of Impact

2. What you should know about stopping distances
Factors Determining Stops
Computing Stopping Distance
Variable affecting stopping

3.What you should know about defensive driving
Thinking safety
Avoiding Trouble
Developing Good Habits
Conceding the Right-of- Way

4.What you should know about road markings
Barrier Line
Zone markings
Island and channel markings

5. What you should know about traffic signals
Purpose of Traffic signals
Legal authority
Pre-timed signals
Traffic actuated signals

6.What you should know about Driver qualifications physical
Importance of good vision
Correctable physical defects
Uncorrectable disabilities
Illness affecting driving

7.What you should know about driver qualifications mental
Key to safe driving
Types of incompetent drivers
Actions of poor drivers
Habits of superior drivers

8. What you should know about adverse driving conditions
Dangers of night driving
Problems in mist and fogs
Unsafe conditions in winter
Modified driving habits

9.What you should know about special maneuvers
Undesirable practices
Preferable maneuvers
Handing vehicles on inclines
Pushing and towing cars

10.What you should know about the accident
Required legal procedure
Optional legal actions
Information to be exchanged
Reports to state officials

11.What you should know about drinking and driving
Effects of alcohol on the body
Misconceptions concerning drinking
Penalties for drunken driving

12.What you should know about equipment
Required safety equipment devices
Optional equipment
Illegal equipment

13.What you should know about power plant
Source of power
Transmission of power
Controlling power
Operation of cooling system


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